Our Process

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Our Process to Increasing Testosterone

Lafayette IN increase testosterone with anti-aging testosterone injections that help decrease the symptoms of low T Initial Consultation:

There is no charge to come in to any one of our office locations and meet our staff and have the treatment program explained. 

Initial Lab Tests: We offer a no obligation testosterone screening. If you test low and wish to proceed with treatment the first step is a comprehensive blood test to check other key levels. 

Nurse Practitioner Appointment: After the initial labs are completed you will have an examination with our Nurse Practitioner. She will review your medical history and discuss any medical questions or concerns you may have.     

Doctor Review:

If there are any issues that arise out of the NP appointment they will be discussed with the Doctor. We will also review the results of the blood tests along with your medical history. If there are any areas of concern they will be discussed with you. 

Start Treatment: If you are approved for testosterone therapy, treatment will begin. Each week you will be given an intramuscular injection of the prescribed amount of testosterone. This visit will only take approximately 15 minutes. 

On-going Monitoring: On a quarterly basis we will retest testosterone levels along with other blood levels as deemed necessary by the medical staff. 

Annual NP review & exam: Once annually you will meet with our Nurse Practitioner to review your overall health status. As part of that meeting all key blood indicators will be rechecked.  

Treatment of Low Testosterone

The most effective and efficient means of treating low testosterone is with intramuscular injections.
These are administered by the medical staff in our office. This method assures the patient is receiving a measurable dose.

On an ongoing basis our staff will monitor testosterone levels as well as other key indicators such as;
ProstateSpecificAntigen (PSA)
CompleteBloodCount (CBC)
FollicleStimulatingHormone (FSH)

ThyroidStimulatingHormone (TSH)
LuteinizingHormone (LH)