Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Over the last 60 years testosterone levels for a typical 40 year old male have fallen from an average of 750 ng/dl to an average of 350 ng/dl. Researchers are not sure if the cause is due to poor diet, environmental factors, lifestyle, or a combination, but the trend is widely acknowledged. For a man to feel like ‘a man’ testosterone levels must be in an appropriate range. If the level is low, interest in sex will diminish, fatigue will increase, and motivation will decrease. It is now estimated that 1 in 10 American men suffer from low testosterone.

We help men of all ages afflicted with low testosterone, or Low T. There is no charge to come in and meet our staff to have our treatment program explained. Stop into any one of our locations without an appointment and receive a no obligation testosterone screening.

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of Low Testosterone

Decreased Libido
Decreased Muscle Mass
Increased Body Fat
Decreased Mental Clarity
Decreased Motivation


of Low Testosterone

Poor Diet
Lack of Physical Activity
Chronic Illness
Overuse of Medications
Environmental Toxins

Lafayette IN low testosterone replacement therapy for men specializing in increasing sex drive, energy levels, muscle mass while decreasing depression and slowing down aging

Researchers have noted that testosterone levels have been falling for the last few decades. This fact is well documented while the exact cause is still being researched.